Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My dad's familiy is from el "Departamento de Usulutan" the state of Usulutan, he was born in the little but so beautiful and peaceful town of "Alegria" which means Joy! we go from time to time to visit my grandmother who still leaves there right infront of the park, in the middle of the town.the weather is cool all year around, the town used to profit mostly from coffee, my dad inherited a couple of "Fincas de cafe" but when the price of the coffee dropped down about 10 years ago he had to sell them. My grandmother owns one of the most famous flower shops in Alegria, she is even famous outside Alegria, there have been several articles written about her and her shop in the National newspapers, she sales a great variety of plants! I love staying at her house because is one of the oldest houses in the town with the patio in the middle and those wood burning kitchens.- I don't have the words to describe how beautiful and peaceful is this town, and clean! is amazing, so let me share a few pictures from this peace of heaven in El Salvador.

This is the park and you can see how on the other side there is this beautiful and antique church.

image via: www.skyscrappercity.com posted by Casa Saboya

This is the interior of the church:

In Alegria you will also find the famous "Laguna de Alegria". the story goes like this: there is a beautiful mermaid that lives in the Laguna that kidnappes really cute young guys and they are never to be seen again..
Unfortunately there have been several real cases where males have disappeared swimming in the lagoon... and that's how the story of the mermaid was born...
When we go visit my grandmother we always have lunch at the lagoon, there are picnic tables around it and trees and flowers and you can hear exotic birds singing.

I think this guy is one of the lucky ones that won't disappeared! ajaj.
Images via www.skyscrappercity.com posted by Lidieth.

image via: www.elsalvador.com, www.berlinlacasamia.com

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