Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I remember when I was a little girl my brothers, my friends from the neighborhood and myself used to dressed up and used go trick or treating around the neighborhood! all the neighbors were ready with loads of candy! but yes that was years ago.. then I guess the economy and other issues affected the country because now not a single kid is going trick or treating in my old neighborhood... the tradition is practically over in El Salvador, you still see halloween decorations on sale in supermarkets and some nightclubs do have halloween parties and offer a price for the best custom.. but is not a big deal anymore... my hubby and friends gave me a surprise custom party for my birthday and everybody was dressed up! (it was so much fun!) a couple of years ago ..but it's over sad.. :( But I love holidays so I'm celebrating Halloween here! yeeeyy! :)

Halloween Martini "Vampire Style"

Ghoul-Aid Cocktail with a speared Eyeball!

and the ingridients are:

Angela Hudson's Gothic Glam Table

image via: Hostess with the mostess

This picture always makes me laugh!

Cute kid customs!

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