Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Concepcion de Ataco

What Colorful happy place this is!
Located in Ahuachapan, right after Apaneca you will find this colorful, beautiful, peaceful little town.
Ataco se encuentra en la zona central del departamento de Ahuachapán, compartiendo la zona montañosa del centro del departamento. Está limitado al Norte por Ahuachapán; al Oeste por Tacuba; al Este por Apaneca y San Pedro Puxtla; al Sur por Jujutla y Guaymango. Recorrer Ataco, es como regresar en el tiempo, sus fiestas patronales son celebradas del 11 al 15 de diciembre en honor a la Virgen de Concepción. En este poblado todavía podemos ver algunas de sus calles empedradas, un legado de la colonia. La población nativa de Ataco aun guarda muchas de las costumbres y tradiciones de los abuelos, que pasa de generación a generación por medio de tradición oral, preservando hasta ahora un poco de nuestra cultura nahua.

Do you see the cross above the trees between the clouds? that is "El Mirador d la Cruz" you walk all the way up there and you will find the most beautiful view of the town!

"Mirador de la Cruz"

Hubby & I had to taake a picture in the doorsteps of the pretty little church.

The place is beautiful and so peaceful, the weather is amazing you can feel a cool brezee with the sunshine touching your skin, the streets are filled with Colorful cafe´s, Art galeries, craft stores and small hotels with so many things to see, do and to eat! the food was great, there are a lot of different restaurants, from french cousine, italian, spanish and best of all the traditional food from Ataco!

Telares de Ataco, I ♥ this place so much you can se how they make their color fabrics the old fashion way and the amazing colors they use in their beautiful pieces!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Odd Match... Me & Bikes

Hubby & I are thinking of buying bikes to go out & enjoy the beautiful Sunday Morning Sunshine... but can anybody please tell me where in El Salvador will I be able to find a pretty bike so I can look as chic as these?'!!: anybody.... pleaseeee

Because all I`ve been able to find are ugly ones like this in Siman..... =S

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Street Art!?

Street Art or advertising..? I don´t know where it came from But I like it!
Location: opposite corner from Multiplaza.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lili.Do is now on Facebook!

Click on the link to check it out!

Lili.Do are Funny and cute handmade plush toys with a really original design. Limited Edition! and made with 100% cotton textil materials. Soft and fluffy and great to hug! All applique and embroidery are done completely by hand. It is my personal proyect and a children's clothing line is in the works!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintage doilies and Lace

Vintage doilies have been transformed into new designs but for most of us a grandma's house comes to mind...Too fussy looking for my taste, but it does cast some beautiful shadows on the wall.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vintage is my Favorite word

I love everything VINTAGE, so when I ran into this amazing photographs and postcards from El Salvador I just melted. :)
They are all from www.Skyscrappercity.com one of my favorites places to visit.

Posted by:RAguiluz

Santa Ana Theater in the 1920's posted by: Casa Saboya

BancoSalvadoreño in San Salvador posted by: Goth

The Liberty Park posted by: Kenni
National Palace posted by: Tacuba

National Palace posted by: Kenni

The New World Hotel posted by Tacuba

Benjamin Bloom Hospital posted by FAVAustinTX

San Salvador Cathedral, Circa 1900 posted by m.teofrasto91

Delgado Street posted by RAguiluz

Arce Street posted by RAguiluz

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DIY Cheap Decorating Ideas

I'm a HUGE fan of Apartment Therapy, I follow it daily for inspiration and I got this great decorating ideas from them to share with you, thay have a million more in their blog so check it out:

Chalkboard Art Space:

Stenciled Stairs:

Jar picture Frames:
Non-traditional family Portrait:
Bench pillow Cover:

Inspiration, images via: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/

Monday, February 9, 2009

Misha Lulu

Misha Lulu is inspired by their Muse Isabela their baby girl, faith, latin culture and childhood memories; is a family owned and operated fashion brand founded by talented joe and Karen Salazar; Karen a native of El Salvador went to the US in the late 80's to study fashion design and they use art, nature and family as the foundation of their apparel collection.
What I love the most about Misha Lulu is that Grandma Chol makes all the knitted stuff and Abuelita Balnquita hand paints all the aprons :)
As Karen is isnpired by her family I relate to her because I'm also very inspired and influence by my grandmother who was a dress maker so her passion for sewing has now become my passion as well.

Check out her amazing work!: http://www.mishalulu.com