Monday, September 29, 2008

The Alphabet Quiz

I have seen this around and since I'm not in the mood to start the load of work i have... i'll just share this... :)

_A. Attached or Single? Very Attached with 3 ropes and 5 navy knots!
_B. Best friend? I have thank GOD 4 amazing beautiful girls that i considerer my Best friends: Taty, Mox, Kathya and Mache.
_C. Cake or pie? Both! Chocolate cake with strawberries and Apple pie with vanilla ice cream! to die for!
_D. Day of choice? Love Saturdays! the best day ever!
_E. Essential item/items? Cash and cell phone, Cash moves the WORLD! and the cell phone in case I have to call my husband to rescue me if I get lost...
_ F. Favorite color? White and black and Chocolate brown.
_G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears! you can just bite their heads off!
_H. Hometown? San Salvador, El Salvador
_I. Favourite indulgence? Oysters, Sushi and Champagne.
_J. January or July? January... always brings a fresh beginning.
_K. Kids? 8 girls and a boy!.....sure.... someday.
_L. Life isn’t complete without? My bodokito husband! and mermelada de fresa.
_M. Marriage date? January 21st, 2006.
_N. Number of brothers and sisters? 4 very protective brothers :)
_O. Oranges or apples? Oranges! ....screwdrivers...mimosas... no further comments.
_P. Phobias? The dark a little bit -- although I'm totally a night person.
_Q. Quotes? 0 Complike... "La vida es investigacion!! si supiera lo que estoy haciendo no lo llamaria investigacion... verdad?."
"Life is research!! if I knew what I'm doing I wouldn't call it research"!
__R. Reasons to smile? sushi dinners, a beer on a monday night, getting flowers... desserts and family time.
_S. Season of choice? Autumn, I love the month of October is just the best!
_T. Travel Dreams? Paris, Paris....Paris...
_U. Unknown fact about me? I can do the splits and make monsters! ajjaaj!
_V. Vegetable? Broccoli, tomatos and Asparagus.
_W. Worst habit? oooohhh... i can't tell you.. I bite my nails..Pupusas! i just can't stop eating them! I'll never give them up...never I tell you! they're so good!
_X. X-ray or ultrasound? I don't know...not sure...
_Y. Your favourite food and restaurant? Sushi... Sushi Ito.. I don't ask for much...
_Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio! yes be very afraid...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tree tables

Beautiful "Tree tables" design by: Graeme Quinn, LINDEN STREET DESIGN, Chrysanth3mum
want one? you can have one made! yes customer made! you can find about 20 or more wood workers throught out the whole road to El Puerto de La Libertad that can make this custom tables and for fraction of the designer's price and remember custom made! They look awsome in backyards!

photos via:

I don't know how it happened.

...or what i did to deserve this man.

sometimes i think to myself "why in the world did he pick me to marry? of all the girls, of all the times i gave him a reason to leave, of all the good catches out there,

why in the world me..... little Doris."

Last Saturday, I wanted to go out so we went out…
Sunday, I wanted cereal & he got me cereal…

He apologizes even when it’s my fault…

He just smiles when I get bored and cut off my dogs hair…
He supports me in every crazy idea I get like making the red monster that he sleeps with in the picture above…

He listens and comforts me whenever I loose my mind, when I cry about something awful in a slight (almost) quarter life crisis kind of way as I have panic attacks about life and my future.
He makes me such a better person and helps me to always do the right thing.
He is always there for me when I’m super grumpy and I can’t even stand myself...
I can’t help but silently word, "thank you" to my heavenly father for him.

thank you, Bodokito husband.
I love you.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

World trade Center 3rd Tower

Torre Futura under construction:

I think is an amazin desing, it looks very Eco-friendly, is not just a bussiness tower, they have also combine a few lifestyle pieces into it to make it a great working enviroment. Construction should be finish by October, 2009.

Images and photos via: Escoto_Dubai2008, CEC2K8, via:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh it's Happy Friday!

I love this entry way! this type of floor is very popular around the country and used almost everywhere!>

I love this driveway! it loos so fresh! and green!

Check out the wall, so cozy!

Small Swimming pool, but I could kill for one like this in my house!

Great Solution for a small space! so modern!

I love this driveway!

Have a great weekend!

Pictures via: Habitar Bienes Raices (website)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beach Houses

My parents used to have a house on the beach years ago, it was designed by my dad but he is actually more of an engineer than an architect so you could just see about 4 rooms lined next to each other with a bathroom in the middle which a HUGE swimming pool in the front. The beach houses here in El Salvador usually look more like country houses than actual beach houses I guess it has to do with security since burglars are everywhere and very popular... here are a few I found just to show you what I'm talking about.

Photos via: Amatal Beach, El Salvador ,,, mundoanuncio, ,, Ximena’s Guest House, El Salvador.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Hazel is an old friend of mine and her father is famous artist "El Aleph", his amazing paintings can be found around the world, here is a little bit about him and his work:

Alex Sánchez (“El Aleph”) was born March 10th, 1954, in the tiny and picturesque town of Moncagua, Province of San Miguel, El Salvador. His primary school and high school studies were completed in a rural school in his home town. His drawing and painting studies were performed at Centro Nacional de Artes de San Salvador (National Arts Center of San Salvador). Among his most inspiring teachers was the great Spanish master Valerio Lecha.

Aleph’s childhood was quiet and happy. His first encounters with drawing and art happened in his own home. His grandmother shared with him the beauty of sunsets and the first lights of daybreak. The drawings of nature inspired the young artist. The clouds and the amazing colors of the rainbow after the morning storms. The huge arc pinned on the limits of the horizon. With fertile imagination and the curiosity that only children posess, Aleph observed simple household utensils: utensils handcrafted with black clay from Guatajiagua (small town in El Salvador), pitchers, vases, mugs, and tin lamps. The grinding stone, the burners, and the comal (clay dish for tortillas).

Images and info via:

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm in Heaven...and in love...

I got an advertisment e-mail today from and when I opened it I went straight to heaven, I'm in love, yes, I'm so in love with every piece they have!

This is the kitchen of my dreams...