Friday, November 14, 2008

The Zo0!

I took my nephew, my hubby and my 2 best friends to the Zoo last sunday and this are some of the animals we saw, th Zoo is supposed to be remodel... but they just have a few new signs and the animals have a new fence.. apart from that not much has change. Unfortunately the Zoo is very small and there aren't that many animals... but it was great to see the famous Manyula again!

50 year old MANYULA!!
she is beautiful..
I had to take a picture with her.

to see the area where they have the birds we have to croos a bridge, where all the kids love to jump on!

yes, a duck...

an emo monkey...anging from his tail.

a lot of people talk to the birds so they learn to say a few words.. but somebody thought these ones how to laugh their asses off! it was hilarious!

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