Monday, September 29, 2008

The Alphabet Quiz

I have seen this around and since I'm not in the mood to start the load of work i have... i'll just share this... :)

_A. Attached or Single? Very Attached with 3 ropes and 5 navy knots!
_B. Best friend? I have thank GOD 4 amazing beautiful girls that i considerer my Best friends: Taty, Mox, Kathya and Mache.
_C. Cake or pie? Both! Chocolate cake with strawberries and Apple pie with vanilla ice cream! to die for!
_D. Day of choice? Love Saturdays! the best day ever!
_E. Essential item/items? Cash and cell phone, Cash moves the WORLD! and the cell phone in case I have to call my husband to rescue me if I get lost...
_ F. Favorite color? White and black and Chocolate brown.
_G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears! you can just bite their heads off!
_H. Hometown? San Salvador, El Salvador
_I. Favourite indulgence? Oysters, Sushi and Champagne.
_J. January or July? January... always brings a fresh beginning.
_K. Kids? 8 girls and a boy!.....sure.... someday.
_L. Life isn’t complete without? My bodokito husband! and mermelada de fresa.
_M. Marriage date? January 21st, 2006.
_N. Number of brothers and sisters? 4 very protective brothers :)
_O. Oranges or apples? Oranges! ....screwdrivers...mimosas... no further comments.
_P. Phobias? The dark a little bit -- although I'm totally a night person.
_Q. Quotes? 0 Complike... "La vida es investigacion!! si supiera lo que estoy haciendo no lo llamaria investigacion... verdad?."
"Life is research!! if I knew what I'm doing I wouldn't call it research"!
__R. Reasons to smile? sushi dinners, a beer on a monday night, getting flowers... desserts and family time.
_S. Season of choice? Autumn, I love the month of October is just the best!
_T. Travel Dreams? Paris, Paris....Paris...
_U. Unknown fact about me? I can do the splits and make monsters! ajjaaj!
_V. Vegetable? Broccoli, tomatos and Asparagus.
_W. Worst habit? oooohhh... i can't tell you.. I bite my nails..Pupusas! i just can't stop eating them! I'll never give them up...never I tell you! they're so good!
_X. X-ray or ultrasound? I don't know...not sure...
_Y. Your favourite food and restaurant? Sushi... Sushi Ito.. I don't ask for much...
_Z. Zodiac sign? Scorpio! yes be very afraid...

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