Monday, September 8, 2008


Hazel is an old friend of mine and her father is famous artist "El Aleph", his amazing paintings can be found around the world, here is a little bit about him and his work:

Alex S├ínchez (“El Aleph”) was born March 10th, 1954, in the tiny and picturesque town of Moncagua, Province of San Miguel, El Salvador. His primary school and high school studies were completed in a rural school in his home town. His drawing and painting studies were performed at Centro Nacional de Artes de San Salvador (National Arts Center of San Salvador). Among his most inspiring teachers was the great Spanish master Valerio Lecha.

Aleph’s childhood was quiet and happy. His first encounters with drawing and art happened in his own home. His grandmother shared with him the beauty of sunsets and the first lights of daybreak. The drawings of nature inspired the young artist. The clouds and the amazing colors of the rainbow after the morning storms. The huge arc pinned on the limits of the horizon. With fertile imagination and the curiosity that only children posess, Aleph observed simple household utensils: utensils handcrafted with black clay from Guatajiagua (small town in El Salvador), pitchers, vases, mugs, and tin lamps. The grinding stone, the burners, and the comal (clay dish for tortillas).

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Priscilla said...

Is this "el Aleph" the same painter who was at one time the national artist of el Salvador? I have a watercolor my husband brought back from El Salvador in 1978, but that would mean he was only 24 when he painted it. Awfully young to be a nationally recognized artist.

I would like to sell this painting but have no idea how much it might be worth. Any ideas? The painting is of two trees -- one with yellow leaves/flowers -- with a volcano in the background.