Monday, February 9, 2009

Misha Lulu

Misha Lulu is inspired by their Muse Isabela their baby girl, faith, latin culture and childhood memories; is a family owned and operated fashion brand founded by talented joe and Karen Salazar; Karen a native of El Salvador went to the US in the late 80's to study fashion design and they use art, nature and family as the foundation of their apparel collection.
What I love the most about Misha Lulu is that Grandma Chol makes all the knitted stuff and Abuelita Balnquita hand paints all the aprons :)
As Karen is isnpired by her family I relate to her because I'm also very inspired and influence by my grandmother who was a dress maker so her passion for sewing has now become my passion as well.

Check out her amazing work!:

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Misha Lulu said...

gracias por escribir acerca de Misha!