Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vintage is my Favorite word

I love everything VINTAGE, so when I ran into this amazing photographs and postcards from El Salvador I just melted. :)
They are all from one of my favorites places to visit.

Posted by:RAguiluz

Santa Ana Theater in the 1920's posted by: Casa Saboya

BancoSalvadoreƱo in San Salvador posted by: Goth

The Liberty Park posted by: Kenni
National Palace posted by: Tacuba

National Palace posted by: Kenni

The New World Hotel posted by Tacuba

Benjamin Bloom Hospital posted by FAVAustinTX

San Salvador Cathedral, Circa 1900 posted by m.teofrasto91

Delgado Street posted by RAguiluz

Arce Street posted by RAguiluz

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