Friday, October 8, 2010

Puchika Lounge-Ataco

My Best friend Monica visited this place a couple of months ago and came back talking wonderful things about it, I personally haven´t gotten a chance to visit, but I can´t wait to go to relax and enjoy this wonderful Place! Here are the pictures that she took and what she mention.
Location: 1ª av. sur y 4ª calle poniente, no. 9, Concepcion de Ataco, Ahuchapan

With a rustic enviroment with touches of comfort and tranquility 

  Monica says is a very relaxing place, fabulous weather, just perfect  to have a drink and hang out with friends
With Live music on the weekends!
Their favorite music: Chillout music, Soft rock, Baladas Romanticas, Instrumental Music, Bossa nova, Pop, Hip hop music, Ricardo Quinteros, Manuel Contreras...

Photos by Monica R.
For more info visit: Pushika in Facebook